Reading suggestions 2023 - ISCAS Logic Group
   Sureal numbers and games November 2023 Link
   Tiles and complexity September 2023 Link
   Coins and randomness August 2023 Link
   Kraft inequality August 2023 Link
   Self-reference and games August 2023 Link
   Kolmogorov Complexity with games August 2023 Link
   Reading suggestions August 2023 Link
Course on network science at UCAS

Course webpage is here.

Teaching in Wellington (2014-2015 and 2007-2009, Undergraduate and Honors)

   Network Science (Honors) Wellington, Fall 2016

   Optimization (Undergraduate) Wellington, Fall 2016

   Optimization (Undergraduate) Wellington, Fall 2016

   Linear Algebra II (Undergraduate) Wellington, Fall 2014, Fall 2016

   Theory of Computation (U) Wellington, Spring 2014

   Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (Undergraduate) Wellington Fall 2008

   Theory of Computation (Graduate) Wellington Spring 2007, Spring 2008

Teaching in Beijing (2011-2013, Graduate)

   Theory of Computation (Graduate) Beijing, Fall 2022

   Network Science (Graduate) Beijing, Summer 2019

   Individual Strategy and Social Structure (Graduate) Beijing, Spring 2012

Teaching in amsterdam (2009-2011, Undergraduate and Graduate)

   Mathematical Logic (Undergraduate) Amsterdam Fall 2010

   Introduction to Logic in Computer Science (Graduate) Amsterdam Fall 2010

   Axiomatic Set Theory (Undergraduate) Amsterdam Spring 2010

   Project on Randomness and Computability (Graduate) Amsterdam Winter and Summer 2010

   Model Theory (national master class) Amsterdam Spring 2010

   Special topics in mathematical logic (Graduate) Amsterdam Spring 2010

   Complexity Theory (Graduate) Amsterdam Fall 2009

   Descriptive Set Theory (Graduate) Amsterdam Fall 2009

Teaching in Leeds (2001-2006, Undergraduate and Graduate)

   Algorithmic Randomness (Graduate) Leeds Spring 2006

   Randomness and Effective measure (Graduate) Leeds Fall 2006

   Discrete Mathematics and Linear Algebra (Tutorials) Leeds Spring 2004

   Real analysis (Tutorials) Leeds Fall 2002, Fall 2003

   Group Theory (Tutorials) Leeds Fall 2001, Spring 2002

   Calculus (Tutorials) Leeds Spring 2001, Fall 2002

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