Flowers of Segregation
The above picture won the inforgraphics category in the Picturing Science competition of the Royal Society.
It illustrates our theoretical analysis of the Schelling model through C++ simulations with OpenGL graphics.

A major achievement of the Nobel prize winning economist Thomas Schelling was an elegant model of racial segregation, first described in 1969. The aim of the model was to understand the large scale segregation observed between black and white communities in large American cities. However the model can be used to interpret other phenomena such as interparticle forces. For the first time we have rigorously analysed the model to get a deeper understanding of its interesting behavior, such as situations where an increase in racial tolerance increases segregation.

In the image above, each disc illustrates a simulation of the model. The inner ring displays a large number of individuals of two types, given a random order and arranged in a circle. According to simple rules they then rearrange themselves into a more structured form, which is illustrated in the outer ring, The process by which this segregated configuration is reached being illustrated in the space between the inner and outer rings.

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