Graduate theses and advice

Reading topics - Nov 30, 2023

Disclaimer: There's lots of, often contradictory, advice out there. Different metholds work for different people. Find what works for you.

Tips for graduate students

Graduate Theses Examples (links to cloud)

Thesis (cloud link) Author Degree
Algorithmic dimension, immunity, and Medvedev degree Webb PhD
Sequences with trivial initial segment complexity Sterkenburg MSc
Definability in the degrees of randomness Vlek MSc
Randomness of restricted value martingales Pardo PhD
Dynamics, measure and dimension in the theory of computing Nandakumar PhD
Complexity and Avoidance Jananthan PhD
Algorithmically random closed sets and probability Axon PhD
A random walk through combinatorial probability Zhao PhD

Giving talks - Tips

Terry Tao's advice

and more generally Tao advice.

Articles (online)

Living Proof - Stories of Resilience Along the Mathematical Journey Online