Selected Articles

Compression of data streams down to their information content
George Barmpalias and Andy Lewis-Pye
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory Volume 65, Issue 7 (2019).
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Minority population in the one-dimensional Schelling model of segregation
George Barmpalias, Richard Elwes and Andy Lewis-Pye
Journal of Statistical Physics 173(5), 2018, 1408--1458. Download (open access).
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Equivalences between learning of data and probability distributions, and their applications
George Barmpalias, Nan Fang and Frank Stephan
Information and Computation 262 (2018) 123--140.
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Digital morphogenesis via Schelling segregation
George Barmpalias, Richard Elwes and Andy Lewis-Pye
Nonlinearity 31 (2018) 1593-1638 and (early conference version)
FOCS 2014 55th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, Oct. 18-21, Philadelphia.
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Also see Elwes' blog post and our poster which won the Royal Society Picturing Science competition.

Universal computably enumerable sets and initial segment prefix-free complexity
George Barmpalias
Information and Computation. 233 (2013) 41-59
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The typical Turing degree
George Barmpalias, A. R. Day and Andrew E.M. Lewis
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 109 (1) 2014. pp. 1-39.
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Universality probability of a prefix-free machine
George Barmpalias and David L. Dowe
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 2012 370, 3488-3511
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Chaitin's halting probability and the compression of strings using oracles
George Barmpalias and Andrew E.M. Lewis
Proceedings of the Royal Society A (2011) 467, 2912-2926.
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